$167.00 USD

Professional Business Card Design/Printing Starter Package
October 2019 Small Business Offer -

This special can help you do six things…

  1. Communicate your message quickly and easily.

  2. Help people remember you and understand what you do.

  3. Create an experience that will make people want to hang on to your business card.

  4. Create a way to make it easy for people to connect with you, follow you, and build a relationship with you on social media.

  5. Create a way for people to know how to reach you when they need your help.

  6. Create a powerful brand-building tool for a very low cost.

What is included with this offer?

  • A professional, one-sided, full-color business card design.

  • 10 minutes of edits once you see the layout and sample to approve.

  • 500 professionally printed business cards.

  • Professional heavy paper stock.

  • Confidence boosting and pride in the brand you are building.

This is a special offer and discounted price so jump on this offer.

* This offer does not include designing a logo and will either need a vector version of your logo or use professional type styling of your name if you do not have a professional vector version of your logo.

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